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Inversion fitness

To help relieve the strain and muscle tension that exercise and stress can cause, try using an inversion fitness system. For your comfort, choose the inversion system that has a back rest with a material that offers the support you need. Find the inversion fitness therapy system from Stamina that can support your weight and adjust to an appropriate height for you.

Relaxation and relief

To narrow down your choice of inversion fitness therapy, consider the various features available. There are systems with straight backs and others that allow you to sit while you are suspended. For easy storage, choose an inversion machines that folds flat. Other important features for your comfort and safety include different types of ankle-locking mechanisms and handles.

For your fitness

If you need to change up or boost your workout, browse our selection of yoga, pilates and toning products here at You can find complete yoga and pilates kits, as well as yoga accessories for help practicing the poses that benefit you the most. To protect your body from hard floors, yoga mats are available in a range of materials, colors and designs.

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