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Inversion systems

Relieve tension in your muscles with inversion systems. This additional step in your workout can help relieve stress in your neck and back muscles. Different models offer different materials for the back rest for comfort. You can find inversion systems that support 250-300 pounds and are height-adjustable. Try an inversion therapy system from Stamina for relaxation purposes here at

Take it easy

There are various features available that can help you narrow down your choice of inversion systems. Some systems have a straight back and others allow you to sit while you are suspended upside down. Inversion machines that fold flat make storage easy. Check out the handles and ankle-locking mechanisms to make sure you are comfortable with these important features.

Feeling your best

If you're looking to strengthen muscles, shop our assortment of yoga, pilates and toning products. There are yoga and pilates kits, or find the yoga accessories you need to practice the poses that help you the most. Yoga mats are available in a range of colors and designs to protect you from hard surfaces.

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