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Invisible Antiperspirant Deodorant

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Invisible antiperspirant-deodorant

If you're tired of having cake-y, white residue on your clothing, try switching to an invisible antiperspirant-deodorant. Not only will your clothes look their best, your armpits will stay dry and remain odor-free all day long. Many products designed for your underarms contain both antiperspirant and deodorant ingredients. The antiperspirant ingredients prevent you from sweating profusely, whether you lead a sedentary or highly active life. Because some of these invisible antiperspirant-deodorant products are geared for different activity levels, choose a product that is designed for your particular needs. If you are actively training for a marathon, your antiperspirant needs are likely greater than the needs of someone who spends most of his time sitting at a desk. The deodorant ingredients keep you smelling fresh all day long. Deodorant products also come in a variety of strengths. Choose an invisible antiperspirant-deodorant that can handle your body chemistry and activity level.


Many invisible antiperspirant-deodorants contain added fragrances. As some of these fragrances are intended for men and some are designed for women, be sure to read the label or product description to decide if the product is right for you. Women's deodorant often contains floral or sweet scents, while men's deodorant spray contains more rugged or sporty scents. If you are sensitive to fragrances, there are fragrance-free options available. Whichever invisible antiperspirant-deodorant you choose, you'll be able to wear your black dress, dress shirt or workout gear without worrying about unsightly white stains.

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