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Invisible Tape

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Invisible tape

When you need to secure things together in a way that's not noticeable, try invisible tape. This all-purpose tape can also be used to protect labels. For home, school or office use, transparent tape is practical for gift wrapping, shipping and special projects. Find the width and length you need among our selection of invisible tape.

Tapes and dispensers

Most general use tapes come in their own convenient dispenser, but sometimes you need tape refills for a dispenser at work or home. You can also order tape multipacks so you can get a few rolls at once. These come in handy especially at holiday time. Invisible tape is ideal for gift wrapping, since the tape won't cover up or disrupt the gift wrap design.

Typical tapes

Other general purpose tapes include masking tape, packaging tape, and a favorite tool of professionals and amateurs alike: duct tape. In addition to household tape, we also carry sports tape and medical tapes such as transparent dressing tape. Athletic tapes can be used to help stabilize certain areas of your body or for extra support, and some are used to tape baseball bats or hockey sticks.

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