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Invisible antiperspirant

Worried about white marks on your skin or clothes from your antiperspirant? Choose an invisible antiperspirant to wear with confidence. There is also antiperspirant and deodorant to help prevent body odor. Choose your invisible antiperspirant from different fragrances and brands, such as Secret, Right Guard, Arm & Hammer and others here at Walgreens.com.

Options for staying fresh

Some roll on antiperspirants and gel deodorants are clear and can offer lasting protection. There is even antiperspirant body spray that can be easy to apply to help keep you dry. You'll find many antiperspirants for men and women to help meet your needs.

Daily cleansing and fragrance

Also choose a body wash from a variety of scents, benefits and sizes that can help you cleanse and care for your skin. For women, there are shower gels with fragrance, essential oils and nourishing ingredients for many skin care benefits. Also, our variety of body wash for men includes 2-in-1 hair and body wash as well as sport body wash. You can also smell great throughout the day with your favorite body spray for men, women's perfume or scented lotion.