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Isopropyl Alcohol

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Isopropyl alcohol

Decrease the risk of infection by cleaning wounds with isopropyl alcohol to kill germs and bacteria that cause infection. Isopropyl alcohol is an antiseptic that can kill germs and bacteria present in open wounds or sores to help prevent infection after an injury has occurred.

Cleaning wounds

In order to treat wounds, simply clean the affected area one to three times each day to prevent bacteria from entering open cuts, scrapes, burns, or sores. Sterile bandages can be used to cover open wounds to keep the area free of germs after being cleaning with isopropyl alcohol or another type of antibacterial antiseptic. Isopropyl alcohol that contains wintergreen and glycerin is also available. This type of alcohol can be used for rubbing and massaging in addition to cleaning minor cuts and scrapes.

Alcohol wipes

Alcohol wipes are handy to have when you are on the go. These wipes come in a convenient canister and contain 70 percent isopropyl alcohol, so you can use them to treat minor injuries as soon as they occur. The wipes can also be used to clean and disinfect your hands to remove bacteria on the skin. If you have a small first aid kit that you carry along on trips or excursions or you need to check your blood glucose levels frequently, purchase a package of individually wrapped alcohol pads. These small alcohol pads are the ideal size for carrying in your purse, pocket, or first aid kit.

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