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Jason Body Wash

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JASON Body Wash

Choosing a body wash is not as easy as you might think. Some body washes are made with artificial fragrances and other potentially irritating ingredients. And who wants to lather their body with a product that is drying or irritating? You can rest assured that this is not the case when you use JASON Body Wash. These body washes not only smell wonderful, they are just as wonderful for your skin.

The JASON Advantage

JASON body washes are "body-loving" washes, created with wholesome, botanical ingredients that work together in a safe, gentle, and effective way. These products gently cleanse and refresh your skin without over drying. Made in the USA, JASON body washes contain no mineral oil, petrolatum, or parabens, and they are made without any animal by-products. These environmentally-friendly body washes are biodegradable, rigorously tested for safety, and are never tested on animals.

A Variety of Choices

While you and your skin will love all JASON body washes, with so many delightful options, you may have trouble deciding on a favorite. For a smooth and silky all-over feeling, Smoothing Coconut Body Wash will enrich your skin with coconut oil, shea butter, and vitamin E. But Lavender Body Wash relaxes your senses and nourishes your skin with a blend of vitamins, lavender, and marigold. You can get invigorated with JASON Rose Water Body Wash or revitalized with the clean, sparkling scent of Citrus Body Wash. Purifying Tree Tea Body Wash with tea tree oil, vitamins, and aloe vera will purify, hydrate, and soothe your skin, as will JASON Soothing Aloe Vera Body Wash. And for the most sensitive skin, JASON offers fragrance-free and gluten-free body washes.


In 1959, a group of Californian's decided to make skin care products for their family and friends, using only safe, natural ingredients that effectively work together to soothe and hydrate skin. Because these products were so gentle and nourishing, they named the brand JASON which is Greek for "healer." Today, JASON products are available for everyone to enjoy.

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