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Jean Paul Gaultier Perfume

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Jean Paul Gaultier Perfume

When the act of striking out on your own and redefining fragrances for men and women becomes the norm, you know you've entered the world of Jean Paul Gaultier Perfume. What used to be the unquestioned territory for the feminine is now the very definition of masculine; the shocking is now comforting - but still challenging; and mixing it up only emphasizes well-known differences. This line of scents, from parfum to eau de toilette spray, are unique and playful, combining scents and fragrance experiences that seem contradictory on paper, but are actually excellent complements.

From Soft Florals to Deep Woodsy Scents

The revolutionary fragrances of Jean Paul Gaultier Perfume may be given the names Classique and Le Male, but they still have the power to redefine meanings on their own terms. For women, the tenderness of rose is played against the freshness of star anise, supported by the deeper notes of vanilla and amber wood. Even the fresh, soft florals one would find familiar in a woman's scent are redefined with the flash of grenadine. Powdery scents are mixed with sweet, fruity notes that are both familiar and different. Eau de toilettes for men claim the scent of lavender for their own, but they use the masculine notes of vanilla as well. Even the shared notes of men's and women's fragrances take on their own meaning depending upon their context. In the fragrance vocabulary of Gaultier, meanings shift but are still instantly recognizable. The pleasure is in exploring the new language in his line of fragrances.

Fragrance Redefined

The arc of Jean Paul Gaultier's fashion career began in the 1970s, when he chose to favor the London street scene over the Continental style. Known as the enfant terrible of fashion, he redefined conventions and chose to be irreverent about convention. His perfume lines, established in the mid-1990s, took an equally iconoclastic approach. The notes were chosen for their effect, not by tradition. If his fortunate path has now become accepted, does that make it any less striking or challenging? His fragrances still evoke the new and fresh approach to the use of perfume elements. They still challenge us to use fragrance without moderation!

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