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John Frieda

John Frieda haircare products are great for adding volume to your hair, styling, cleaning and cleansing, conditioning and more. The permanent hair color by John Frieda is perfect for adding coverage to grey hairs and adding a beautiful tone to your locks. You can choose from several hair colors like black, red and blonde.

Permanent hair color

Permanent hair color is great for covering grey hairs, for adding definition to your hair, and for giving hair depth and texture. There are a number of permanent hair colors available from the John Frieda line, including blacks, browns, and reds. The permanent hair color stays on the hair without the need for retouching, except for when new hair grows in. It is the ideal way to give your hair the color you want.

Types of John Frieda color

John Frieda has hair color that goes on as a foam, and the line also has regular color mixtures that go on with needle-tipped bottles. Each type of hair color must saturate the hair and be left on the hair for a certain amount of time to develop. The foaming hair color by John Frieda is great because it allows you to see where the color is on the hair, giving you better coverage and precision. Each of the colors by John Frieda will give your hair a lovely glow that is sure to make your hair look stylish and beautiful. Simply rinse the dye out after the correct time elapses and enjoy your new look.