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Johnson's Body Wash

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Johnson's Body Wash

Johnson's body wash is a gentle cleanser that protects tiny babies' skin. Johnson's body wash contains added moisturizers to keep the skin baby-soft and smooth. Whether you are buying a body wash for a baby or for your own sensitive skin, this gentle formula can help to prevent skin from drying out.

Best for Baby's Skin

Johnson's body wash is designed with babies' skin in mind. According to Johnson's, babies' skin naturally contains higher levels of moisture than adults' skin, which is why it feels so wonderfully soft. However, this moisture needs to be regularly replenished to protect the skin from irritation and dryness. Johnson's body wash is richly moisturizing. It is also hypoallergenic, which means that the risk of your baby's skin reacting badly to the product is minimized.

Makes Bath Time Enjoyable

Choose a Johnson's body wash with a No More Tears formulation to make bath time a more enjoyable experience for you and your child. No More Tears products are designed to cause less irritation to eyes, which means your child can feel safe in the bath. Some Johnson's body washes even contain relaxing ingredients that could help your child to calm down and sleep better. Choose a body wash that has a scent that you enjoy so that you and your baby can enjoy bath time together.

Kind to Kids and Adults, Too!

Many parents find that they love Johnson's body wash so much that they even use it on their own skin. Although adult skin generally isn't as delicate as baby's skin, it also needs moisturizing to keep it soft. Many adults and kids with sensitive skin appreciate the gentle, hypoallergenic formula of Johnson's body wash, as well as its deliciously subtle scents.

Johnson's Baby Promise

Johnson's has been creating products for babies for more than 100 years. In order to provide the best for parents and their children, Johnson's body wash is tested by dermatologists to make sure it is kind to skin. The brand is constantly developing its products to make them as safe and effective as possible. Johnson's original baby head-to-toe body wash formula is used in hospitals to safely and gently clean babies' skin.

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