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Joker Costume

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Joker Costume

Perhaps the only thing better than being a super hero is being a super villain! And who has more fun as a villain than the Joker? Now, you can be the Crown Prince of Crime with these costumes and masks. Whether it's the super-creepy version of the Joker as seen in the iconic Batman movie The Dark Knight, or the original DC Comics Joker who appeared in the Batman #1 comic, you can channel your inner masked villain whenever the mood strikes. These fully licensed costumes and masks are carefully detailed, faithfully following the images from movies or comics that everyone has come to know and enjoy.

Any Occasion at Any Age

Don't let your imagination fail you when you decide when it's the right time to dress up as the Joker - you wouldn't want to make the Prince of Arkham Hospital disappointed in you, would you? Of course, a Joker mask would be perfect for any child to go Halloween trick-or-treating, but it's equally fun for that special late-night adult Halloween party (team up with a friend dressed as Batman). That's just the beginning: any costume party - birthdays, yard parties or, of course, April Fool's Day - wouldn't be complete without the Joker in attendance. There are masks sized for adults and children, so nobody has to miss out on the fun. Costumes and masks are usually one size, so they will fit most adults and children.

Fun to Wear and Easy Care

The Joker costumes and masks are made of comfortable and easy-care material. After a trick-or-treat expedition or party, just wipe off the costume or mask with a damp cloth, air dry and they're ready to store away until the next time the Joker strikes! Please note: many masks are made of latex rubber and may cause a reaction for persons who are allergic or sensitive to that material. Please carefully read the package to determine the material of the mask, to avoid any difficulties.

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