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For traveling, recording eventful memories or simply daily thoughts, a journal can be a handy and dependable tool. These writing pads can help you recollect or plan ahead. You can choose a color, material or style that fits your personality or needs. Some journals from Plan Ahead and Markings even feature perforated pages for easy removal, and others include various types of closures for security.

Choosing a journal

If you want to take your journal with you everywhere, you may want to try a small journal that fits easily in your pocket or purse and is ideal for jotting quick notes. For the office or for school work, stock up on legal pads with yellow paper or other writing pads with white. Choose the number of sheets that you need for your writing or note-taking.

Stationery and more

In addition to a wide variety of journals, we carry notebooks and other stationery supplies for many needs. Browse different types of invitations that are character-themed or made for a specific occasion. Follow up with thank you cards that match your invitations. If you'd like to channel your creativity, simple tear sheets from your journal and decorate with colored pencils, permanent markers or pens for a personal touch.