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Keyboard Wrist Support

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Keyboard wrist support

Do you spend a lot of time typing on the computer or playing computer games? Carpal tunnel syndrome is a growing problem today, but using a keyboard wrist support can help prevent this along with tendonitis and other wrist ailments. has wrist supports from brands like Futuro.

Types of wrist supports

Wrist supports come in many shapes and sizes and are designed specifially to fit you. Keyboard wrist supports aim to prevent damage to the wrist and to make working with a keyboard or mouse more comfortable. If you work in an office or use a personal computer often, try a computer wrist support.

Why use wrist supports

During the day, a wrist support with only have a small band across the wrist and hand is most comfortable, while wrist support gloves may be more beneficial during the night. Help heal your tendonitis or prevent tendonitis or carpal tunnel by using a wrist support. Some supports latch easily with Velcro, while others use elastic or buckles. You can also use medical wrist supports, which are similar to keyboard wrist supports.

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