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Get the most from your electronic devices by using a compatible keyboard. Choose one for comfortable typing or for easy-to-use quick launch keys that open your favorite programs. Home and Logitech make keyboards for either PCs or Macs. For computing convenience, there are wireless keyboards that also come with a wireless mouse that can make using a notebook computer easier.

Choosing your accessories

Some keyboards include a dock for portable music players so you can easily transfer music or charge the player while you work. Computer keyboards with full-sized number pads are more practical for typing than those found on smaller laptops or notebooks. Choose a keyboard with low-profile keys or one that comes with an ergonomically designed wireless mouse.

Making music

If you're looking for a musical keyboard, you'll find a model that features 61 keys. You can create or add to your songs or compositions with built-in tracks and sounds. Some music keyboards also include software for recording your songs. If you're just learning, you can follow the available video instructions.