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Kids Books

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Kids books

Browse our selection of kids' books to find stories that will educate or inspire your child. We carry coloring books to occupy your little one and help them utilize their creative and thinking skills. Picture books can help expand your toddler's imagination. Choose a kid's book from brands such as Disney, Crayola and Klutz here at

Fun learning

Kid's books that feature a favorite TV or movie character can excite children because it's something they are familiar with and they will want to hear more about their adventures. Coloring books and activity books are a perfect option for taking to doctor's offices or other places where you want to provide your child something interesting and stimulating to pass any waiting time.

Getting creative

We carry kits for kids that can give them a focus and sense of achievement after they create or build something themselves. Give your child an art kit and he or she can create pictures for your refrigerator and for grandma and grandpa. Craft kits give your child an opportunity to work with different mediums and create something three-dimensional.

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