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Kids cold remedies

Help relieve your child's runny nose, cough, sore throat or other symptoms with kids cold remedies. You can choose cold relief for kids that is non-medicated, or try a medicated kind that doesn't contain alcohol or aspirin. Here at Walgreens.com, you'll find kids cold remedies from Hyland's, Little Remedies and Mucinex that can help your children recover and rest.

Forms and options

You can choose a flavor of kids cold relief liquid or kids cough medication, or give your child soft chews or tablets in different formulas. To immediately relieve congestion, try a sinus relief spray or other gentle saline nasal spray. You can also find nasal strips for kids to help them breathe easily overnight and get the rest they need. For an irritated throat, try sore throat relief spray that is easy to use.

Your family's health and well-being

There are also vapor products in different scents and forms to help your children breathe more comfortably and easily including vaporizers and vapor rubs. Some even act as cough suppressants. Prevent the air in your home from becoming too dry for comfort with a humidifier in a size, shape and color that you and your children like. You can also try giving them a childrens multivitamin to help them stay healthy.