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Kids Hair Relaxers

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Kids' hair relaxers

Kids' hair relaxers allow parents to change the texture of their child's unruly hair. Does your little one cry every time you try to brush or comb her hair? Does she want to have straighter hair that she can style easier? There are a variety of options available to help.

How kids' hair relaxers work

Most hair relaxing kits use various chemicals to straighten out your locks. Just like with hair coloring, perms and other processes, the instructions vary with different brands. They must be followed exactly to ensure your child's safety and a successful outcome. There are a few organic varieties of these kits as well.

Choosing from all of the kids' hair relaxers

Read the back of the boxes to choose the right brand for your child's hair type and age. Many hair straighteners also contain extra conditioning agents and other ingredients to minimize the damage to the hair during the process. Some also come with conditioners that you use after the chemical relaxing session is over. These are meant to replenish your child's scalp, follicles and strands.

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