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Kids' booster seats

Seat your little ones with the rest of the family at mealtimes with kids' booster seats. For your child's safety, some of these seats come with straps that secure to the chair. You can even find booster seats that raise your child to a safe height for riding in the car. Here at Walgreens.com, we carry kids' booster seats from brands such as Graco.

For mealtimes and car rides

To accommodate your growing child, some kids' booster seats come with adjustable seat backs. Certain booster seats also feature harnesses that help keep your little one safely seated. For your convenience, there's even a highchairs that converts to a kids' booster seat, which you can use for years as your child grows. Car booster seats can come with adjustable arm rests as well as cup holders to help make car rides more comfortable.

Feeding your children

Find what you need from our selection of baby feeding essentials to make mealtimes simple. You can protect your children's clothes with waterproof bibs that are made with pockets that catch crumbs and spills. Easy and practical to use and clean, placemats, baby bowls and sippy cups can also help food and drink stay off of the floor and your baby's clothes.