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Kids cold flu medication

Be ready to help relieve your child's discomfort caused by the cold or flu with kids cold and flu medication. These kids cold and flu remedies are formulated to be safe for different ages, and most are made without aspirin, acetaminophen, ibuprofen or alcohol. They also come in homeopathic and natural treatments. Kids cold and flu medication from Hyland's, Mucinex and Similasan can help your little ones feel better faster.

From specific to multi-symptom

If your child has a cough, fever or is congested, there are formulas specific to each symptom. You can also target multiple sources of discomfort with multi-symptom kids cold and flu medication. Choose between soft chews, caplets and other forms in addition to liquid medicines and cough syrup. If your young child is suffering from congested sinuses, choose a sinus relief spray that's safe for him or her. For sore throats, try grape-flavored sore throat relief spray that works to soothe irritation.

Help prevent infection

Here at Walgreens.com, you'll find an assortment of products to help kill harmful bacteria that can cause infection. In addition to convenient hand sanitizers, we carry liquid antibacterial soap and bar soap. Target germs on household surfaces with cleaning products such as disinfecting wipes. You can also help yourself and your family to stay healthy by taking immune support tablets, daily multivitamins or other supplements.