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Kitchen Floor Cleaners

When your kitchen is the gathering place of your home, your kitchen floor gets a lot of foot traffic -- and with this foot traffic comes plenty of dirt. Plus, mealtimes, snack times, and midnight snacks can certainly leave the occasional crumb on the floor -- or more if you have young children who are naturally messy eaters. As a result, kitchen floor cleaners are a must-have product to keep that floor sparkling. Walgreens offers a variety of cleaners that can help eliminate dirt, smudges, and marks on your kitchen floor.

Cleaners for Hardwood Floors

Kitchen floor cleaners are available in a number of styles. For superior results, choose the cleaner that is designed especially for your kitchen floor type. Hardwood floors require specialized care, so choose a kitchen floor cleaner designed just for hardwood and laminate floors. These cleaners can be squirted directly onto your hardwood floors and mopped with long strokes until the floor is glistening. Fast-drying wood floor cleaners leave no streaking or residue, giving you gorgeous and clean hardwood floors. You can even find kitchen floor cleaners for hardwood floors that can fill in those unsightly scratches on the surface, giving your floors new life.

Multipurpose Kitchen Floor Cleaners

You can also find multipurpose kitchen floor cleaners that work on a range of floor styles, including hardwood, tile, laminate, vinyl, and stone. In addition to cleaning the floor, these products can protect it from damage and give it a durable, high-gloss finish.

Natural Cleaners

Kitchen floor cleaner formulas offer an array of features that make the products both effective and safe for your floor. You can find plant-based cleaners that are non-toxic and biodegradable. These cleaners are also typically free of VOCs, solvents, phosphates, and petrochemicals. Even more, they include such powerful but gentle cleaners as enzymes and natural live cultures. These formulas are safe to use around kids or pets.

Scented Formulas

Some kitchen floor cleaners feature enjoyable scents, such as almond, citrus or lemon ginger. Many of these cleaners offer easy-to-use formulas that you can apply directly to the floor for quick mopping. You don't have to mix, dilute, or rinse the floors. Simply apply the cleaner, use the mop, and enjoy your spotless kitchen floor.