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Knee Braces For Running

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Knee Braces for Running

If you're a runner, you may be very serious about your sport. You probably don't want anything to interfere with your running routine, and you no doubt know the importance of keeping your knees healthy. If you've ever had knee injuries or knee pain, talk to your doctor and consider the added support a knee brace can offer. At Walgreens, we offer knee braces for runners and other active people. With a growing selection of knee braces in a variety of material and sizes, you'll quickly discover one that meets your needs and your doctor's recommendations.

Adjustable Knee Braces

When you run or play sports, knee supports with metal hinges and adjustable tabs support weak, unstable or arthritic knees without sacrificing comfort. With the adjustable straps, you control the amount of compression, and the open back ensures the brace is comfy to wear even on longer runs. Some models are treated with an anti-microbial to reduce growth of bacteria that cause odor.

Extra Support

Need more side support? Knee braces with side stabilizers offer firm but comfortable knee support while the stabilizers add extra side compression to limit side-to-side knee motion. Specially designed not to slip, you can walk and run with confidence, knowing your knee brace is unlikely to crinkle, fold or bunch up. Other available knee braces are designed with strap compression tubes that provide additional support for the quadriceps muscles and patellar tendons. Your doctor can advise you as to which type of knee brace is best for your particular knees.

Performance Fabrics

Concerned that a knee brace will interfere with your run? At Walgreens, you'll find knee braces made of lightweight fabric including HydraMesh, a fabric panel that wicks away moisture to keep your knees and upper legs cool and comfortable. Some knee braces are made of a 4-way stretch knit, which conforms comfortably to your anatomy. Most are made of material that can be hand washed, although not all are machine washable. Read the directions to ensure proper care of your knee brace. If you have a latex allergy, look for knee braces made with latex-free materials. If a brace is free of latex, it should say so in the description.

Solutions for Knee Cap Pain

Do you suffer from knee cap pain? Adjustable knee straps are available with pressure pads designed to cushion and support achy knee caps. These straps are worn below the knee and are adjustable for maximum comfort and support. Women can enjoy the comfort of wearing ultra-light knee support made just for them. Not just for running, these knee supports slide on and off and offer all-day, comfortable compression. These supports are light enough to wear underneath clothing. Ladies can also enjoy supports with gel shields that fit snuggly over the knee for better knee tracking.

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