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Knee Support Braces

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Knee support braces

If you've suffered a knee injury or want to prevent one, knee support braces can help keep you moving. You can choose your knee brace from a variety of materials, colors and sizes to find one that suits your needs. Some knee supports have an opening around your kneecap, and hinged knee braces can offer extra stability. Choose your knee support brace from brands Champion, OTC Professional Orthopaedic and McDavid to help protect and stabilize.

Support and stability

Knee support braces are designed to do the work that injured or weak ligaments cannot. These braces can also help to keep healthy knees in line to prevent injury to the ligaments. Certain knee supports can be used to prevent strain during athletic activity by keeping the knee in place and well supported.

Joint pain relief and more

You'll also find athletic braces for the wrist, leg, foot, ankle and more here at There are different types of bandages and tape within the aids to daily living section of our home medical department to address most of your prevention and injury needs. Heat therapy products can help relieve the pain of sore or strained muscles. If you're recovering from surgery, we also carry post-surgical and wound care supplies that include surgical sponges and suspension boots.

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