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Knee Warmers

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Knee warmers

If your arthritis is aggravated or made worse by changes in the weather or temperature, knee warmers may be able to help. Many are made out of soft angora wool and naturally insulate to keep your joints warm throughout the day or night. Knee warmers can warm your knees while allowing your skin to breathe and stay dry and comfortable. Brand OTC is here at with wool knee warmers to maintain a constant temperature around your joints.

Other types of relief

You can also warm your knees with heat patches. These can be used on the elbows, as well. Other pain relief patches contain topical analgesics that can eliminate discomfort. Arthritis pain relievers also include roll-on analgesics and pain relief tablets such as acetaminophen, aspirin and combination pain relievers in different strengths.

Comfort for the hands

For those who have arthritis pain in the wrist and hand, there are arthritis gloves that can help to warm and compress to lessen swelling and pain. These gloves for arthritis have open fingertips so you still can feel and grip without difficulty. Choose from a range of hand and wrist brace sizes, materials and colors for the best and most comfortable fit.

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