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Lace Up Ankle Braces

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Lace up ankle braces

You can get help staying comfortable throughout physical activity from lace up ankle braces. These ankle braces are typically lightweight, so you can wear them inside most shoes. If you've suffered ankle injuries in the past, lace up ankle braces can help stabilize your ankle joint to prevent rolling, twisting or other straining. Choose a lightweight ankle brace from brands OTC Professional Orthopaedic, Champion and FLA Orthopedics in a color and a size that fits your needs.

Protecting your ankles

The laces on lace up ankle braces allow you to tie the brace as snugly or loosely as is comfortable for you. These braces can give you the rigid support you may need while still allowing you a healthy range of motion. Some lace up ankle braces are made of canvas, while others are made with nylon or vinyl. Certain parts of your ankle support brace, such as the heel, can be elastic for your comfort and mobility.

Other options for comfortable support

In addition to lace up ankle braces, we carry a range of ankle stabilizers and supports. Many ankle wraps are elastic and similar to a bandage or athletic tape, but can be less bulky and more comfortable. Some braces can even help to support your arch for total relief. You'll also find ankle braces for kids in various sizes, as well as support for other joints. We carry knee braces and stabilizers, thigh braces and hand and wrist braces.

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