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Large Cuff Blood Pressure Monitors

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Large cuff blood pressure monitors

It's important to use the right size cuff when taking your blood pressure. Large cuff blood pressure monitors can generally fit arm circumferences that range from 12.6" to 18.9". Many blood pressure monitors have digital displays that give you your reading within seconds. Some large cuff blood pressure monitors from brands Zewa and LifeSource are also automatic, so they inflate without having to pump a bulb.

Keeping track of your blood pressure

When choosing a large cuff blood pressure monitor, determine the features that matter most to you, from convenience and portability to ease of use and accuracy. When used correctly, you can get accurate readings from manual blood pressure monitors that use a bulb to inflate and require using a stethoscope to hear your heartbeat. If you prefer the ease of use of digital monitors that are also ideal for the hard of hearing, you can choose one in your arm cuff size for accurate readings. Some types of both digital and manual monitors can be easy to take with you when traveling. There are also wrist blood pressure monitors that can be comfortable and convenient to use.

For your health and wellness

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