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Large Dog Costumes

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Large Dog Costumes

Halloween isn't just for kids anymore. Let your pet get into the dress-up fun, and select a dog costume for your furry friend. Whether you're taking your pup trick-or-treating with your kids, entering it in a canine costume contest, or letting your dog participate in a local parade, a costume will be a fun--not to mention funny--look. Explore the range of large dog costumes available here at Walgreens. Then, choose which costume best suits your pup.

Creative Costumes

Dressing up the entire family is fun, so why not get your pets in on the costumed festivities? A costume allows your large dog to complement your family's costumes or stand out with its own creative look. Walgreens offers several varieties of costumes for large dogs. For example, you can transform your pup into an insect with a ladybug costume. Make your pup a part of the fall decor by dressing it up as a bright orange pumpkin. Or, bring your favorite movie characters to life with a Yoda costume for your furry friend. Find the right costume that suits your taste -- and your dog's.

Costume Specifications

Large dog costumes are typically made of polyester material. They come in multiple pieces. Attach the main costume to your pup's body using the Velcro connectors. Many of these costumes also come with accessories, so you can strap a headpiece onto your pup's head to complete the look. The headpiece is typically a hat or faux ears, depending on the costume that you choose for your large dog.

Carefully read the label of your costume to determine how to wash it. Some large dog costumes can be hand washed, while others are machine washable. Before you send Fido out into a muddy backyard in the costume, make sure you can easily clean it. Additionally, check the costume's sizing chart before purchasing. You will need your dog's' neck to tail measurement as well as its chest measurement to determine that the costume will fit. Large dog costumes typically fit a dog with a neck-to-tail length of 22 inches and a chest width of 20 inches.

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