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Latex Gloves

Durable latex gloves are fit for a variety of uses, including baby care and first aid. Medical gloves made of latex are an essential tool for doctors and nurses to prevent the spread of infections or other pathogens. These are also disposable gloves to maintain the highest levels of cleanliness and sanitation and to lessen the likelihood for accidental contact with contaminated materials.

Great for operating rooms

The most efficient hospitals are stocked with the necessary supplies at all times. Not every medical professional is able to use supplies made of latex; for these situations do not forget to stock your operating room with latex-free vinyl gloves in addition to normal latex gloves. A high-functioning operating room staff needs to be able to quickly obtain medical masks when needed. Ensure that your staff and your operating room are well-equipped by selecting from the package sizes available which include packages suitable for small clinics or 100-count bulk packages for large hospitals.