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Leg Pillows

An aching lower back, knee discomfort, and tired legs can enjoy some much-needed relief with leg pillows. These ergonomically designed pillows use an array of features to provide added comfort during the day as well as when you sleep. Explore the variety of leg pillows available here at Walgreens, and enjoy a more comfortable night's sleep.

Do Leg Pillows Help Back Pain?

Leg pillows are orthopedically designed to improve your overall leg comfort. When aches and pains are bothering you, leg pillows can help align your legs, hips, and spine. This alignment has the potential to minimize those aches and pains, including lower back pain. Using leg pillows in bed can reduce hip and knee pain that might worsen when you lay flat.

Other leg pillows can be used to help elevate your knees to help address common leg issues. By elevating your legs, you can flatten your lower spine and reduce lower back pain. Leg rests, which allow you to kick up your feet and keep your legs in an elevated but slightly bent position, offer a number of benefits as well.

Memory Foam Leg Pillows

Many leg pillows are made of molded and highly resilient memory foam, which delivers luxurious comfort and support. Viscoelastic memory foam is capable of responding to your body heat and pressure, allowing the pillow to conform to your body's unique shape. When you stop using the pillow, the memory foam will return to its original shape until the next use. Other leg pillows are made of a soft touch plastic with adjustable firmness. You can simply add or release air from a recessed air valve.

Additional Features

Leg pillows also feature removable and washable covers made of such materials as velour and stretch terry fabric. Many leg pillows include a patented design that ensures that the pillow stays put throughout the night, allowing you to maximize your comfort. Conveniently sized leg pillows can be slipped under your sheet for overnight use. They can also be kept under your desk at work so that you have a place to rest your feet throughout the day.