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Letter envelope

For sending letters and other papers, find the letter envelopes in a size that you need. Choose between boxes with anywhere from 40 to 100 envelopes for home or office use. To protect your privacy, you can also find security envelopes with printed inner linings to hide what's inside. There are even letter envelopes from brand Mead that don't require licking to seal.

From paper to packaging

In addition to letter envelopes for all-purpose use, we carry a selection of mailing essentials that you can use to send photos, important documents and packages of many sizes. Bubble mailers seal out dirt and moisture while protecting your mail from folding and damage. Other mailers are made of thick paper or cardboard, and are handy for filing purposes, as well.

Sending and receiving

For your larger packages, browse our assortment of mailing boxes that you can also use for moving or storage. Get a proper, tight seal with packaging tape. Safe and convenient package openers can help take the hassle out of opening a box you've received. For letter-writing, also check out stationery supplies and other types of paper here at