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Lice-killing shampoos

Lice-killing shampoos work to help kill the lice infestation in your hair to prepare for complete removal. In addition to the shampoo, you will also need to take advantage of the conditioner, spray and other accessories. Lice shampoos must remain in your hair for a specified amount of time in order for them to be effective. Most lice products state a maximum of 10 minutes, although this may vary depending on the product.

Lice Conditioners

Along with lice-killing shampoos, there are also lice conditioners that can help remove lice. If you are able to find a lice shampoo that conditions while it cleanses and treats the infestation, this eliminates the need to purchase a conditioner. Otherwise, incorporating the appropriate hair conditioner in your treatment ensures that your hair remains healthy during the process.

Lice-Killing Accessories

Once you have washed your hair with one of the lice-killing shampoos, you will need a nit removal comb to get the lice and lice eggs off of your hair strands. The lice shampoos and conditioners only work to kill the lice, not remove them. Unless you purchase the shampoo separately, most lice kits contain at least one comb for this purpose. It is important that you check to make sure it is included in the package.