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Lindor Truffles

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Lindor truffles

Lindor truffles from Lindt of Switzerland are a great way to enjoy the special taste of Swiss chocolate. Lindor truffles are available in several varieties that you can order and have shipped right to you.

Chocolate truffles from Lindor

Lindor truffles start with traditional milk chocolate, white chocolate or dark chocolate balls, filled with a special secret filling that is found only in Lindor products. Once you break open the chocolate shell, you begin to experience the delicious taste of the filling, and you will certainly want more than one. You will certainly also want to experience the hazelnut milk chocolate, straciatella and other available flavors of Lindor truffles, and you can order a package of assorted flavors to introduce yourself and your family to these Swiss delights. Lindor truffles do not have any trans fats, and you can enjoy a couple as a quick pick-me-up during the day or a handful or two as a satisfying dessert.

Ordering Lindor truffles

Lindor truffles are available in a variety of packages. You can even order individual milk chocolate and dark chocolate truffles, along with convenient 3.5-ounce packages of the white chocolate or milk chocolate variety. Family-size 5.1-ounce packages of all varieties are available, and they are especially recommended so you can share the great taste of all of the Lindor truffles with your family. Gift boxes of milk chocolate Lindor truffles are great presents for friends and associates who love chocolate.

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