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Lip Gloss

The finishing touch to complete your look, or just a bit of color to give you a polished appearance, lip gloss is an essential item for most women. If you're like many women who would choose lip gloss as one of your go-to make-up items, then you're at the right place to find your preferred choices for color, moisture, and staying power. Day or night, whatever the season, there is a lip gloss to match. All of your favorite brands are here: Covergirl, Revlon, Black Radiance and Maybelline, as well as other leading brands for a wide selection of lip make-up for any occasion.

Find your favorite lip gloss

Maybe you have a favorite brand, or maybe you like to experiment. Either way, you'll be able to find the lip gloss you're looking for at Walgreens.com. From lip plumper to glosses that include ingredients like antioxidants and botanicals, you'll find the lip gloss features you desire. Choose a sponge or brush applicator or a balm stick. Pick a gloss that is flavored or fragrance free. There's long-lasting, those that sparkle, sheer or rich color. For smooth, soft and shiny lips, you have a variety of lip glosses to choose from.

Plenty of Lip Make-up Options

In addition to lip gloss, there are many other forms of lip cosmetics to change up your make-up routine including lipstick, lip conditioner, lip stains, lip butter and lip balm. All of these items can help condition and color your lips to change your look, in any way you want.