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Lip stains

If you're looking for lasting lip color, browse our selection of lip stains. Choose from different shades that are ideal for going out or a day at work. Many lip stains are matte colors, but some also come with a top coat that adds a little shine and gloss to your look. We carry brands such as Revlon, Maybelline and Iman to help you find the lip stains just right for your style and skin tone.

For all-day color

For just the look you're going for, try lip stains with precision applicators that help you give your lips the perfect amount of color. For soft, smooth lips choose a lip stain that contains skin-nourishing ingredients. You can also select a two-in-one stain and balm, or use your own sheer lip gloss over the color you choose.

Lip care

Looking for more lip makeup? We also feature different types of lipstick for just about any occasion or outfit. Define your lips with a lip liner that helps to prevent feathering for a professional look. You can also condition and protect your lips with lip balm and lip protectant. Or get the best of both worlds with tinted lip balm that offers color and conditioning.