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Liquid Gels

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Liquid gels

Speed up the effects of medications by using a faster-acting version, the liquid gels. Liquid gels are designed for quick release, which translates into quick relief in whatever your uses may be.

Fast-acting liquid gels

Liquid gels were designed to give fast relief for many different problems. You can find liquid gels in a pill form that delivers medications faster than the compressed powder headache pills. These liquid gels also stay on the surface longer for more concentrated relief. In the gelatinous form, these products can be more effective at their jobs and are often advertised as fast relief or fast-acting products. That is why the gels are widely used in homes everywhere.

Liquid gel tablets

Headache, fever and pain relief are common uses for over-the-counter liquid gels. These products are made of a gelatinous medication mixture. The gel is contained in a membrane that dissolves when ingested. Once that membrane dissolves, the medicine within the liquid gel can be dispersed to the parts of the body where it is needed. Compressed powder pills do the same, but they dissolve slowly, over an extended period of time. The medicine is dispersed in small amounts, whereas the medication in over-the-counter liquid gels allows the full strength of the medication at the moment that the membrane is dissolved. Liquid gels make medication more effective and more powerful.

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