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Liquid hand soap refill

Refill your hand soap whenever it runs low with a liquid hand soap refill, providing you with a full supply of your favorite liquid soap. Choose a liquid hand soap refill from our wide selection and use it to refill almost any soap dispenser.

Soap dispenser refills

Soap dispenser refills are the most economical way to buy liquid soap, and include enough liquid soap to refill your soap dispenser several times. A liquid hand soap refill contains the exact same soap that is available in a pump dispenser bottle, and you can use your liquid hand soap refill to refill your original pump bottle or to fill a soap dispenser that came without soap. We have antibacterial liquid soap in refill packages as well as organic liquid soap, plus regular liquid hand soap and facial soap.

Using a liquid hand soap refill

To refill a bottle of liquid soap, remove the pump or squeeze the bottle cap, and pour soap from the liquid hand soap refill into the open bottle using a funnel. Fill the bottle with enough liquid soap to reach just under the spout of the soap bottle. Do not overfill the bottle. You can refill just about any soap bottle with just about any liquid hand soap refill, but do not use a soap that is much thinner or much thicker than the original liquid hand soap that was sold in the bottle. Buy the largest refill package available so you always have enough hand soap available. All types of our liquid hand soaps are perfect for washing your hands frequently as recommended by doctors to prevent the spread of colds and flu.