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Lolita Perfume

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Lolita Perfume

Finding a perfume that complements you--your style, your essence, and your unique preferences--can be challenging. At Walgreens, you can choose from an array of Lolita Perfumes, which come in several enticing scents. Elegant packaging and alluring combinations of fragrances are the mark of Lolita Perfumes. Discover these dazzling fragrances today, and smell your best tomorrow.

Rich Fragrances

Both men and women can enjoy the luxurious fragrances available in Lolita Perfumes. Eau de parfum and eau de toilette styles are available, giving you just as much fragrance as you desire. A lighter scent might be ideal for daytime wear, whether you're headed out on a lunch date or to the office. For evening, you might opt for a richer Lolita Perfume, designed perfectly for a night with that special someone.

Every Lolita Perfume combines several scents to create a truly unique fragrance. For example, you might choose an eau de parfum that features floral notes of coconut, jasmine, sandalwood, and vanilla. In other perfumes, exotic licorice and vanilla combine with light greens, florals, and musk. Women desiring a hearty woody fragrance will choose an eau de toilette that combines iris, sweet vanilla, green ivy, heliotrope, and tonka. Even men can find a Lolita Perfume designed for them. Masculine fragrances incorporate top notes of anise, basil, and ivy; middle notes of rum, sandalwood, and tonka bean; and bottom notes of cedarwood, praline, vanilla, and vetiver.

Perfume Basics

Lolita Perfumes available at Walgreens come in a number of sizes. These exquisitely designed bottles range from 3.4 fl oz to 2.7 and 1.7 fl oz. You can even choose a miniature Lolita Perfume, which comes in a petite 0.16 fl oz bottle. These small bottles are a thoughtful gift or a smart way to sample a Lolita Perfume before investing in it. No matter the size of Lolita Perfume you choose, you will find that each bottle is elegantly packaged. Uniquely designed bottles and colorful, artistic boxes make Lolita Perfumes more than something you want to wear. You will want to display them or share their beauty with a friend or loved one.

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