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Long maxi pads

If you're looking for extra protection that fits your body type, try long maxi pads from the selection here at Walgreens.com. These maxi pads are available in a variety of absorbencies, and you can choose between scented and unscented maxi pads. There are also maxi pads with wings or pads without wings. Choose your long maxi pads from popular brands Always, Kotex, Stayfree and more.

Full coverage

Long maxi pads offer full coverage so you can feel more confident and comfortable. Most include a core that absorbs quickly to help keep you dry. Wings can help keep the pad in place, while scented pads can help you stay fresh. Ultra thin maxi pads can be discreet and comfortable while locking moisture away to help prevent leaks.

Look at all your options

In addition to long maxi pads, Walgreens.com has a full selection of [eminine needs products including pantiliners and tampons. If you're dealing with cramps, PMS, bloating or fatigue, shop our selection of PMS pain relief options and other pain relievers to help alleviate these symptoms. For your other feminine health needs, you'll find feminine hygiene washes, feminine wipes and vaginal yeast infection treatments right here.