Loreal Hair Color

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3.6 out of 5, total 890reviews(890 reviews)
2/$1700 or 1/$879$9.99  $8.79 / ea
Sale price is 2/$17.00 or 1/$8.79And Regular price is $9 and 99 cents
3.4 out of 5, total 411reviews(411 reviews)
2/$1700 or 1/$879$8.99  $8.79 / ea
Sale price is 2/$17.00 or 1/$8.79And Regular price is $8 and 99 cents
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L'Oreal Hair Color

L'Oreal hair color allows you to change the way you look in a short time. These convenient box dyes are also perfect for small tasks like highlighting parts of your hair and touching up your roots. Here at Walgreens.com, we carry a rainbow of hair colors to match any style you desire. A box of L'Oreal hair color usually contains paper directions on how to apply the dye, a bottle used for mixing the dye and applying it to hair, and gloves to protect your hands from stains. Box kits also include some type of moisturizing conditioner to minimize damage to your hair.

Choosing the best color for you

L'Oreal hair color and hair dyes are available in a wide selection of shades from light blonde to jet black. Changing your hair color can significantly change the way you look depending on the color you choose. To select the L'Oreal hair color that flatters you the most, you should take into consideration your original hair color, your hairstyle, the complexion of your skin, and your defining facial features. Typically, going from one end of the color spectrum to the other presents a more radical change than adopting a slightly different shade of your current hair color.

Find the right L'Oreal product for you

L'Oreal carries all kinds of beauty products from cosmetics to shampoos and conditioners. L'Oreal has some shampoos and conditioners specifically made to help preserve artificial hair colors to keep your new style looking great. To accentuate your look, L'Oreal also has an extensive cosmetic line, carrying everything from lipsticks to eyeliner to blushes. Regardless of your beauty needs, L'Oreal just might carry what you're looking for.