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Lumbar Roll Pillows

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Lumbar Roll Pillows

Sitting for long periods at a time can be uncomfortable, especially if you have back problems. Sometimes you need extra support. Walgreens is pleased to offer a growing selection of lumbar roll pillows. Lumbar roll pillows fit snuggly against your lower back for added support and comfort. Choose from standard roll or half lumbar roll pillows in various materials for cushiony back support when you're sitting in a chair. Discover the options that are available to you and anyone in your family. They even make for great gifts.

Full Lumbar Roll Pillows

Shaped like a log, full lumbar roll pillows provide lower back support and comfort when sitting in a chair. The roll fits snuggly against your back, cushioning it and helping you maintain good posture and proper curvature of your spine. Lumbar curve pillows attach to most chairs, including office chairs, outdoor chairs and chairs in your home, with elastic straps attached to the pillow. When you want to transfer the pillow to another chair, simply undo the straps and reattach them to the chair of your choice. Carry one with you when you travel. Lumbar roll pillows are available in a variety of attractive colors including gray, black, navy and burgundy to fit most d?cor. These back-friendly pillows are made of high-quality foam that's firm enough to offer back support but soft enough to be comfortable against your back when you sit for any period of time.

Half Roll Lumbar Pillows

Also available are half roll lumbar pillows. These pillows are shaped like a log cut in half. They offer the same comfortable lumbar support when you sit as full lumbar roll pillows. The compact size is ideal for people who prefer a slimmer shape in a back support. Like a full roll, a half roll lumbar pillow fits firmly but comfortably against your lower back. As you sit, it keeps your lower back properly supported and in healthy alignment. As with full lumbar roll pillows, half rolls are available with elastic straps attached. Hook the elastic straps to any chair to hold the pillow in place while you sit. Choose from a variety of classic colors. Each pillow is designed to be non-bulky, comfy and easy to care for.

Who Can Benefit from a Lumbar Roll Pillow?

A lumbar row pillow comes in handy if you sit for long periods at a time at a desk or in a chair. Some doctors and chiropractors recommend one for people with a history of lower back pain or who have had back surgery in the past. If you have questions as to whether a lumbar roll pillow is right for you, consult your own doctor. Whether you have a history of back problems or simply want more support for your back when you sit, explore the options and see what a lumbar row pillow has to offer.

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