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Makeup Sponges

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Makeup Sponges

Have you ever wished for your very own makeup artist to give your makeup a professional, flawless look every day? You don't need a makeup artist. You just need the secret tools of a makeup artist. Makeup sponges from Walgreens come in all shapes and sizes, natural or synthetic, disposable or non-disposable. They can be used wet or dry for multiple makeup tasks. But best of all, sponges can give your makeup a flawless finish you never thought possible.

Why Use a Makeup Sponge?

Say good-bye to messy fingers, stained hand towels, and streaky makeup. With no skill level necessary, this versatile tool blends your foundation for an impeccable, streak-free application with the added bonus of no mess. With the right makeup sponge, you can easily blend your makeup into those hard-to-get areas around your eyes and nose. And all of this blending gives you a beautiful, natural glow.

Uses for Makeup Sponges

Large wedge-shaped or egg-shaped sponges are good options for applying liquid foundation, and smaller wedges are ideal for contouring. To blend foundation under your eyes and around your nose and mouth, use a sponge with a pointed tip.

Large, round sponges can be used for applying pressed powder or cream foundation. Small, firm wedges are perfect for smudging eye makeup, giving you a smoky look or saving the day when you need to fix an eyeliner or lipstick mishap. These sponges can also be used for makeup removal.

Tips on Using Makeup Sponges

Use a dampened sponge for a smoother and easier application of your foundation. To finish the process, use a dabbing motion, blending in any spots you may have missed to ensure a smooth finish.

Clean your sponges regularly with soap and water, and let them air dry, so that they last longer and don't harbor bacteria. If you're using disposable sponges, give them a toss after each use.

Keeping an assortment of sponges in your cosmetic bag is a must. Stash some in your handbag for quick repairs. Diamonds may be a girl's best friend, but makeup sponges are a girl's most valuable tool.

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