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Mam Pacifiers

Your baby has a natural urge to suck, and a well-designed pacifier can help baby satisfy this need and learn to self-soothe. MAM Pacifiers are designed to be comfortable for babies to suck on and easy for them to keep in their mouths. Collaboration with pediatric dentists and orthodontists has allowed MAM to create unique pacifiers that perfectly fit a baby's mouth.

Well-Researched Design

MAM Pacifiers are anatomically correct, meaning they adapt to your baby's mouth and remain well positioned inside the mouth. MAM works with medical experts in the International Children's Medical Research Society to create innovative pacifiers that are orthodontically safe. The result is a pacifier that has a symmetrical nipple--that is, no top and bottom--which means the pacifier won't inhibit oral cavity development. In addition, MAM Pacifiers include a ventilation system in the mouth shield, allowing air to be pushed out when your baby closes down on the nipple. As a result, the pacifier is capable of molding to your baby's unique oral cavity for an ideal fit.

Benefits for Baby

The innovative design of MAM pacifiers also benefits baby. The brand's signature Silk Teat makes for a familiar sucking experience for baby. The silicone nipple is soft and familiar, making the switch from breastfeeding or bottle-feeding to pacifier use an easy one. In fact, the nipple is 3 times softer and more adaptable than other pacifiers. A curved shield and large air holes ensure that the pacifier is supremely comfortable for baby, never causing skin irritation. The anti-slip surface keeps the pacifier in your baby's mouth. This can save both baby and parents from unnecessary stress.

Variety of Styles

MAM Pacifiers come in a number of styles for babies of all ages. Pacifiers are available in a number of sizes, with some appropriate for newborns through infants 6 months old and others suitable for babies ages 6 months and older. Pacifiers feature a range of soft pastel colors appropriate for both boys and girls. MAM also offers pacifier clips that keep the pacifier with baby, where it belongs. Teethers appropriate for babies 4 months old and up provide soothing relief when teeth are coming in. All MAM Pacifier products are free of BPA, phthalate, lead, and PVC.