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Mango Butter

Moisturize your hair and skin as you shower with hair and body products that contain moisturizing mango butter. While raw mango butter is hard and difficult to spread, its emollient properties shine when blended with complementary oils and butters. Add shine to your tresses with Organix's mango butter conditioner, which is enriched with hydrating grapefruit extract and sunflower oil. Lather up with Yardley of London's mango butter soap, a pure vegetable soap that boasts natural moisturizers, including olive butter, coconut oil and avocado butter.

Replenish moisture from head to toe

Apply a thick, creamy mango body butter from Boots, Aura Cacia or Tree Hut to seal in moisture after your shower while softening your dry skin. For a lighter moisturizer that prevents stretch marks, try hellomellow's preggo body oil; its blend of essential oils, avocado butter and mango butter soothes the itchiness caused by stretching skin during pregnancy. Treat your tresses to mango-infused hair dressing gel from Softee to add shine and improve manageability. Even dry lips benefit from mango's hydrating properties; slick on a layer of Burt's Bees mango-infused lip balm to soothe your sore pout with all-natural mango butter, coconut oil, vitamin E and sunflower oil.