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Manicure Kit

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Manicure kit

Your nails will always look professionally done when you use a manicure kit. Several types of kits are available for all types of nail styles. Some contain an assortment of manicure tools or acrylic nails, whereas others provide everything you need for a French manicure. With a large variety of colors and styles to choose from, you can have perfectly polished nails for any occasion.

Professional-grade fingernail tools

Nail polish is only one aspect of a good manicure. For neatly trimmed nails, select a manicure kit that contains nail clippers, nail scissors, emery boards, and cuticle nippers. Kits with an assortment of tools provide all you need to smooth your nails as well as the skin around them. A powered nail buffer can help you shape thick nails and remove rough spots from your hands and feet.

French manicures

For a polished yet natural look, use a French manicure kit that contains a light base and a white nail pen or polish. These kits contain guides to help you apply the white tips with precision. A nude or pale pink base adds subtle shine. Some kits contain decorated nails, which you can apply with the included manicure glue. Nail polish remover can help you with touch-ups and new applications. An acetone-based polish remover also makes it easy to remove artificial nails when you're ready for a new manicure.

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