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Manual Blood Pressure Monitors

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Manual blood pressure monitors

If you monitor your blood pressure at home, getting a correct reading is important. You can use manual blood pressure monitors for accuracy. Home blood pressure monitor kits can include a cuff that inflates manually and a stethoscope for hearing your heartbeat. You can choose a manual blood pressure monitor for managing hypertension or as part of preventive health care from brands Lumiscope and BV Medical here at

Using a blood pressure monitor

Whether you use a digital home blood pressure monitor or a manual monitor, it's important to choose a cuff size that fits your arm correctly. Digital blood pressure monitors can be ideal if you are hard of hearing, since you don't have to listen for your heartbeat with a stethoscope. To keep track of your blood pressure while travelling, you can choose a smaller monitor or one without a digital display. You can use some monitors on the wrist, while most are designed for the upper arm. For medical professionals, we also carry sphygmomanometers, replacement cuffs and a range of stethoscopes.

For your health

For information about blood pressure monitoring as well as other products that can help, also visit our blood pressure health shop. You'll find a variety of multivitamins for your health and well-being in addition to supplements for heart health. The aids to daily living section of our home medical department also includes options such as braces and supports, hearing assistance and patient aids.

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