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Manual Wheelchair

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Manual wheelchair

Manual wheelchairs offer mobility and the freedom to move around for those who need assistance. There's a manual wheelchair that can comfortably accommodate almost any individual, giving them the power to stay active and productive. Unlike power chairs that have their own source of power, manual wheelchairs are self-propelled. The user uses their arms and shoulders to move the rear wheels and propel the wheelchair forward.

Benefits of a manual wheelchair

Why choose a manual wheelchair? There are a number of advantages to choosing a manual wheelchair over a power chair. Manual chairs are lighter and less bulky. In addition, moving around in one allows the user to work their upper body and maintain arm and shoulder strength and endurance. It's important for everyone to stay active, and a manual wheelchair is a good way to get an upper body workout. They're also easy to transport due to their lighter weight and can be folded and easily stored when not in use.

Selecting a Wheelchair to Meet Your Needs

When it comes to selecting a manual wheelchair, safety comes first. It goes without saying that a manual wheelchair needs to be balanced, stable and sturdy enough to support its user. An unstable wheelchair can tip over and cause an injury. It's also important to check the weight capacity of a wheelchair before buying it. Some wheelchairs have weight limits and may not be suitable for some individuals. You'll also need to consider the needs of the individual who will be using it, how often they'll be using it and in what setting. If they'll be using it to get around outdoors, to move around at work or for long periods of time, a heavy-duty chair with extra cushioning is best. Keep in mind that smaller people may not have enough upper body strength to propel a heavy wheelchair and will need one that's lighter in weight. There are wheelchairs that weigh as little as 20 pounds. Larger individuals will need a wheelchair with a wider seat and a higher weight limit. No matter what type of manual wheelchair you choose, we're sure to have the wheelchair that perfectly fits your needs.

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