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Massage Pillow

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Massage Pillow

Enjoy gentle massage and relaxation at home with easy-to-use massage pillows, available here at Walgreens. This line of pillows delivers a range of massage techniques to your sore, stressed, or tired muscles. Whether you want to enjoy the benefits of deep-kneading Shiatsu massage or soak in a little heat with your massage, you can find a massage pillow that suits your needs. Be sure to talk to your doctor or health care provider about your pain and ask which massage pillows are appropriate for you. Give those weary muscles a break and embrace the relaxation that massage pillows can offer.

What Is a Massage Pillow?

Massage pillows offer a range of features to minimize many different types of minor aches and pains. These pillows are made of luxurious quilted fabric that feels soft against your skin. Pillows also feature extra cushioning to deliver a softer massage. Plus, this cushion can contour to your body for maximum comfort. A comfort flap allows you to adjust the intensity of your massage. Choose among four massage nodes to find the massage style, speed, and intensity that is best for your needs and preferences.

Massage Plus Heat

With massage pillows that offer both massage and heat, you can use the integrated controls to choose whether you want to experience massage, heat, or both. Additionally, these pillows use a rotating massage mechanism to target your achy muscles. Some pillows even have an extended massage area, allowing them to expand a greater area and, thus, provide more widespread relief to your shoulders, back, and neck. You can also find various accessories here at Walgreens.

Benefits of Massage

Massage and heat deliver a range of benefits to your tense muscles. Deep-kneading Shiatsu massage works to relax tense muscles. You can target any area that is in need, from your neck and shoulders to your back and more. Heat delivers extra comfort to tight muscles. The convenience of these massage pillows allows you to enjoy some tender loving care and relief wherever you are -- at home or at the office.

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