Maternity Pantyhose

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Maternity pantyhose

If you're looking for some extra support in your maternity pantyhose, shop our selection of maternity support hosiery. Our selection of maternity stockings provides mild to [firm] compression to help alleviate minor swelling. Compression stockings can also relieve tired legs. Designed for comfort, maternity pantyhose look just like regular pantyhose but offer more for moms-to-be as well as new moms. Find the size and color stockings you prefer from Truform here at

Other options for support

Other maternity support products include support belts that fit around your hips and under your abdomen. In addition to providing lower back support, a maternity support belt can also slightly lift and support your stomach. Lightweight and adjustable, maternity belts can help alleviate discomfort as well as reduce urinary frequency.

Just for moms

Shop our Just for Moms area to find fertility/ovulation tests as well as pregnancy tests. You'll also find pre-natal supplements and nausea and motion sickness medicines to keep you healthy and well. We carry creams, lotions and balms to reduce stretch marks and help prevent scars. There are also scar and vein treatments as well as skin-firming lotion.

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