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Maternity support hose

Maternity support hose help boost leg health during pregnancy. Because the weight of your expanding uterus puts pressure on the veins of your lower body, these blood vessels work less efficiently during this time. This can result in swelling and discomfort for you. You can remedy this problem with hose and stockings from brands such as Truform.

Maternity compression stockings

Maternity compression stockings work by compressing the legs, feet, and lower abdomen to promote circulation and help keep the blood flowing back up to your heart effectively. The compression produced by maternity stockings is strongest at the ankles and weakest at the belly. Support stockings may also reduce the swelling that normally occurs during the last trimester. Because they also provide abdominal support, maternity compression stockings can help reduce discomfort, especially in the last trimester of pregnancy.

Pregnancy support hose options

Most pregnancy support hose is designed to fit like regular pantyhose. Single-leg or thigh-high compression socks are also available, but this type does not provide support to the growing lower abdomen. Some women use thigh-high compression stockings or shorter compression socks during early pregnancy and switch to full-support hose as the pregnancy progresses.

Choosing maternity undergarments

When choosing maternity undergarments, a pair of pregnancy support hose is only one of the many pieces you will need to buy. You should also purchase maternity underwear, which adjusts to fit your belly as your abdomen expands throughout the pregnancy. Some women also purchase maternity bras to accommodate their rapidly changing breasts. If you plan to nurse your baby, you can purchase nursing bras that will work both during pregnancy and after birth.