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Maxi Pads

Your monthly menstrual period is a natural part of life, so why should it stand in your way of living your life to the fullest? With the right monthly menstrual protection, you can enjoy your everyday activities with confidence despite the presence of your period. At Walgreens, we have a huge selection of maxi pad products from all of today's most popular brands so that you can select the protection that is perfect for your needs.

What Are Maxi Pads?

Maxi pads are typically used to capture menstrual flow during a woman's monthly period. Pads are made out of highly absorbent materials that capture flow and lock it away before it can stain undergarments or clothing. Most maxi pads have self-adhesive strips that allow them to adhere to a woman's panties. A small number have straps that allow them to be worn with a belt rather than stuck to your underwear. After use, a maxi pad can be placed inside of its wrapper or wrapped in toilet tissue for discreet, neat disposal in the garbage. Maxi pads can also be used to protect undergarments from vaginal discharge or from minor urine leakage due to bladder control problems.

Benefits of Maxi Pads

Many women prefer to use maxi pads over tampons to manage their monthly periods. Some find it neater and easier to use pads because they remain outside of the body. Others like that they do not have to worry about how long they have left their maxi pads in place during the day as they would with tampons. Women who have recently had a baby or those with certain medical concerns may not be advised to wear tampons and need to use maxi pads for protection. You may also choose to alternate between the use of maxi pads or tampons or use a pad in addition to a tampon for extra protection.

Comparing Absorbency, Shape and Scent

When you're considering which type of maxi pad to purchase, you can compare products based on their absorbency levels, shapes and scents. The absorbency of a maxi pad tells you how much liquid it can hold without leaking or feeling wet to the touch. Overnight and maximum absorbency products are ideal for use when you cannot change your pad frequently or you are experiencing a heavy flow. These products are usually thicker and bulkier than lighter absorbency products. Regular pads are also available. While all maxi pads are the same basic shape, products can vary in their length. Extra-long pads can provide protection from leaks along the front and back of your undergarments. You can also find maxi pads that have wings that fold down over the crotch of undergarments to prevent leaks around the legs. Some maxi pad products are scented, which can help to mask odors related to menstruation. You can also find unscented options available to meet your feminine hygiene needs.