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Maxi pads with wings

You can have comfortable, secure period protection with maxi pads with wings. These maxi pads are available in various lengths and absorbencies such as heavy, overnight, moderate, and super. Fresh scent maxi pads and unscented pads are also here for you to choose from. You'll find maxi pads with wings in many varieties from top brands Always, Stayfree and U by Kotex here at Walgreens.com.

Comfortable protection

One of the benefits of using a maxi pad with wings is that you can stay active with less worrying about your pad slipping or bunching. Ultra thin maxi pads can discreetly and comfortably protect against leakage. Overnight maxi pads with wings can stay in place throughout the night. There are even long maxi pads to help give you full coverage.

Options for all of your feminine care needs

For the different days and needs throughout your period, you can browse the wide variety of feminine protection products here at Walgreens.com. Choose between tampons and pantiliners with various absorbencies, in scented and unscented options and different sizes. You can also find help for alleviating cramps with the PMS pain relief remedies and heat therapy products here. To stay fresh, clean and healthy, feminine hygiene washes and vaginal antifungal infection treatments are also available.